Frances Roberts Salon & Spa Insurance

As professionals in the beauty salon and spa industry, your insurance needs are unique-- you need the same general insurance coverage as other businesses, but you also must have special coverage that addresses the distinctive potential risks of providing hair, nail, skin and other beauty services. At Frances Roberts Salon and Spa Insurance, our experts focus on you and your unique insurance requirements so that your coverage is exactly what you need to protect yourself and your business.

For Salon Owners

A Salon Owner has the biggest potential risk in the salon and spa industry. Whether you  lease or own your building, there are the many issues connected to the property. There are liability issues surrounding the safety of your clients and the services you supply, special requirements if you have employees, and more. Our experts at Frances Roberts will carefully analyze your business and craft your coverage to fit your specific needs. Read more

For Self-Employed Stylists

When you work for yourself and rent space within a larger beauty salon or spa, your risks may be somewhat lessened but your need for insurance coverage is still vital. Personal property, general and professional liability, and business interruption are just a few of the protections you will need. The Frances Roberts experts will make sure that your coverage fits your exact situation so that you can be completely confident that you and your business are protected. Read more


About Frances Roberts

Frances Roberts is our inspiration. She married Martin Miller, who founded the Miller Insurance Agency in 1941, and when Martin went to war after Pearl Harbor, Frances had to step in and run his business. Frances brought her distinctive philosophy of sensitive, caring client service to the family business. Shane Miller, founder of Frances Roberts Salon and Spa Insurance, adheres to those values and honors his grandmother by naming this business for her. Read more