Self-Employed Stylists

As a Self-Employed Stylist, your insurance needs are somewhat less than those of the owner of the salon in which you rent space, but you still need to be covered against specific risks. This checklist is provided as a quick way to review your potential needs with your Frances Roberts agent. And please note our Cautionary Tales which serve as a reminder of the importance of the comprehensive coverage our experts will design to protect you and your business.

These Four Major Coverages Are Available In One Affordable Master Policy

Property Insurance:
Covers the property you own independently: your blow dryer, hot rollers, scissors, etc.)

General Liability Insurance:
Covers you in case someone is injured and you caused the injury--if you spilled the product that caused a slip and fall, for example. Professional Liability is covered separately, and injuries associated with some procedures are excluded.*

Professional Liability Insurance:
Covers you if someone is directly injured because of an error by you, like burning a client's head with a curling iron, nipping an ear with a scissors, etc. Injuries associated with some procedures are excluded.*

Business Interruption Insurance:
Covers you in case of extended inability to carry on your business because of an external cause (water service interruption, fire, power outages, etc.)

* Electrolysis, hair removal or replacement, permanent makeup/tattoos, chemical peels, injections, dermabrasion, laser surgery, body massage, body piercings, tanning, chiropody, diet/physical fitness are excluded from this Master Policy. If you need to be covered for these excluded services, talk your Frances Roberts agent about additional coverages.

Other Coverages

Umbrella Policy:
Covers liability above and beyond your current limits

Health Insurance:
Options for coverage through an individual policy, Health Savings Account or Flexible Savings Account

Life Insurance:
So you can provide for your family