Cautionary Tales

But She Did It Herself

It was an unusually busy day at the salon. Andrea was getting her hair cut. Sue, her stylist, paused about half way through to check another client’s foils. Andrea took the opportunity to run to the rest room, leaving a trail of cut hair in her wake.

A Simple Errand

Robert owns a salon in a large mid-west city. Robert’s UPS delivery was late one day, and there was a perm in that delivery that Robert had to have for a client that afternoon. No problem, he thought, and asked Maggie, the receptionist to make a run to the beauty supply house across town.

Water, Water Everywhere, Just Nothing From The Sink

Jon’s full-service hair salon and day spa was a thriving business. He owned his own building, and he had twenty employees, including hair stylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, estheticians, and receptionists.

Not-So-Happy Hour

Adrian’s Hair Stylists specializes in pampering. All the latest in hair cuts, highlights and color, manicures and pedicures—and all delivered in an atmosphere of calm caring. In the afternoons, Adrian’s owner and chief stylist, Simon...