Salon Owners

As a Salon Owner, your insurance needs are far-reaching and vitally important. This checklist is provided as a quick way to review your potential needs with your Frances Roberts agent. And please note our Cautionary Tales which serve as a reminder of the importance of the comprehensive coverage our experts will design to protect you and your business.

These Seven Major Coverages Are Available In A Single, Affordable Business Owner's Policy

Property Insurance:
Covers the contents of the salon—all the chairs, sinks, tanning beds, beauty products, etc. If you lease the space, this covers any permanent improvements you've made. If you own the building, this also covers the structure itself.

General Liability Insurance:
Covers anyone who comes onto the property who is injured—slipping on hair on the floor or spilled project, for example. Also covers you for Fire Legal Liability, in case a fire in your salon spreads and damages other property. Professional Liability is covered separately, and injuries associated with some procedures are excluded.*

Professional Liability Insurance:
Covers you if someone is directly injured because of an error by you (or your staff), like burning a client's head with a curling iron, nipping an ear with a scissors, etc. Injuries associated with some procedures are excluded.*

Business Interruption Insurance:
Covers you in case of extended inability to carry on your business because of an external cause (water service interruption, fire, power outages, etc.)

Hired and Unowned Auto Insurance:
Covers you in case you or an employee drives a private auto on company business and gets into an accident and you get sued

Equipment Breakdown:
Covers you if major equipment or appliances break down: hair dryers, air conditioners, laundry machines, computers

Employee Dishonesty:
Covers losses if an employee steals from you.

* Electrolysis, hair removal or replacement, permanent makeup/tattoos, chemical peels, injections, dermabrasion, laser surgery, body massage, body piercings, tanning, chiropody, diet/physical fitness are excluded from this Master Policy. If you need to be covered for these excluded services, talk your Frances Roberts agent about additional coverages.

Other Coverages

Umbrella Policy:
Covers liability above and beyond your current limits

Workers' Compensation:
If you do not have state coverage, or if you have locations in several states

EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance):
Covers you in case of suit for harrassment, discrimination or non-compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act

D&O (Directors & Officers) Insurance:
If your business entity has a Board, this protects them

Key Person Life Insurance:
For owners and key employees, so that buy-sell agreements or business continuation can be funded.


Employee benefits

Health Insurance:
Options for coverage through individual and group policies, Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Savings Accounts

Disability Insurance:
Coverage for you and your employees in case a disability makes it impossible to work

Surety and Fidelity

Surety Bonds:
Bonds as required by some State Licensing Boards

ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act):
If you provide a 401(k) or profit savings plan for your employees, the government requires this coverage for the trustees of the plan