Frances Roberts - The Person

When Frances Roberts married Martin Miller, she became part of a family dedicated to community service. Frances’s father-in-law, Wade, was a leader in developing the local school system. Frances’s husband served the community in another way: in 1939 he founded Miller Insurance, Inc.

But in 1941, after Pearl Harbor, Martin went to war. He left behind his wife and his insurance agency.

That agency was the Miller’s livelihood, so Frances had to step in and run the business. She knew little about the insurance agency business, but she was a quick learner.

During the years that her husband was serving our country, Frances not only kept the agency alive, she helped it thrive. Her feminine sensibilities and graceful ways of doing business created personal, lasting client relationships. Frances’s personal service philosophy, combined with the Miller family’s dedication to its community, remain the agency’s core values to this day.