Not-So-Happy Hour

Adrian’s Hair Stylists specializes in pampering. All the latest in hair cuts, highlights and color, manicures and pedicures—and all delivered in an atmosphere of calm caring. In the afternoons, Adrian’s owner and chief stylist, Simon...

...offers light snacks and wine to his customers. Everyone loves it. But Simon didn’t realize that a new customer, Alexis, had a problem with alcohol. She stopped at the table where the wine was being served more times than Simon realized, and by the time she left the salon, Alexis was more than a little tipsy.

Alexis got in her car, started to drive home, and crashed into another car. She severely injured the other driver and did significant damage to both vehicles. Of course, she was liable. But so was Simon. He’d served her the liquor that caused her to crash.

The moral of the story: A simple gesture of hospitality can carry a significant risk—and you need to make sure you protect yourself with HOST LIQUOR LIABILITY insurance.