Water, Water Everywhere, Just Nothing From The Sink

Jon’s full-service hair salon and day spa was a thriving business. He owned his own building, and he had twenty employees, including hair stylists, nail technicians, massage therapists, estheticians, and receptionists.

It was December, so holiday business was brisk. Everyone was booked solid. And then, blocks away, a major water main broke, flooding the area and stopping all water service to surrounding area. It took several days to complete the repair and restore service. Of course, Jon’s salon could not operate without water, so it had to close for some of his busiest days of the year. He lost tens of thousands of dollars because he hadn’t thought about external events that could halt his operation.

The moral of the story: Things that happen outside your salon can wreak havoc with your business.BUSINESS INTERRUPTION insurance will protect you against these external events.