But She Did It Herself

It was an unusually busy day at the salon. Andrea was getting her hair cut. Sue, her stylist, paused about half way through to check another client’s foils. Andrea took the opportunity to run to the rest room, leaving a trail of cut hair in her wake.

The shampoo girl noticed the hair on the salon floor, and swept it up immediately. But she didn’t think to check the rest room. Twenty minutes later, Andrea went back into the rest room to change back into her street clothes, slipped on the hair she’d dropped earlier, fell, and hit her head on the bathroom sink. She sued. 

The moral of the story: The liability is yours because it’s your property, regardless of who dropped the object that caused the fall.

Slip and fall accidents account for almost HALF of all injuries to visitors and employees in businesses. With all the hazards in a typical beauty salon or day spa, it is imperative that every owner carry adequate GENERAL LIABILITY coverage to protect against this risk.